A Collection of Poems

This is a collection of 4 poems written several years ago.

 "Crossing Paths" 

Today, as I reflect on my life and the many paths I have been down.I can't help to think how amazing we have met at this moment in time.As if we were two clouds that have been apart, but shared the same sky..We were truly brought together with help from the divine.Tonight as we talked, we grew closer under the sparks of the fireflies.Every moment we spend together is like having a happy surprise.May we continue to grow and the future always be bright.Because with you this just feels so "right". 

"With You" 

As I look at the glow from the moon tonight, I imagine the light shining down on you.The light radiates your beauty from your caring heart and captures my tears.It is like our two souls have waited to meet for a over a thousand years.Just know that I will be there for you and always be true to the end.When you hear the whisper through the trees from a soft breezy wind.Then that is my voice calling for you, as I will always be within. 

"Glorious Future"

 I can only look forward to all the time we will be together.What will the future hold? Will this last forever?Only God holds the true answer to that question, but I am willing to give it a chance.I believe our meeting was more than a coincidence or a momentary circumstance.Like two doves sharing the same branch, we become united as one.All I hope for is that this time together is filled with joy and fun.Thanks for being "you" and reaching out with loving arms to help me.My life is changing for the better, you have helped to set me free.I will enjoy every second, every minute, every hour and every day.Between us I feel that everything will be just more than "okay".We will flourish together and grow closer with time.Possibly lasting forever, now wouldn't that be just fine. 

"The Pebble" 

I sometimes compare my life to a small pebble just laying in a river.  I move down the river day by day being pushed along by the water..  Somedays, I don't move for what seems like weeks and I start to wear down and get smaller and smaller.  Other days, I just get used to moving around and realize that it is difficult to make lasting friendships. Everytime it floods, I get frightened because I have no arms to grab onto anything. I thought my entire life would go on like this forever until the river finally wore me down into a small speck of sand.  After 37 long years something special just happened to me today.  This beautiful girl stepped into the river and picked me up and set me on the beach.  For the first time since being born, I was able to feel the warmth of the sun and for once I was not being pushed along by others.  I have finally found a home and spend the days watching the river go by as I see that girl come to the beach all the time.  I thank her everytime I see her as she was given a gift from God to help those in need whether she knew it or not. 

The End

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