Ode to Madiba

This is a collection of odes to my close loved ones and to various people, things and scenarios that have in some way or another captured my imagination.

This poem is an ode to one of the greatest human beings who ever lived. I wrote this poem on 29 June 2013, shortly before Nelson Mandela's last birthday in July 2013. As is known to the entire world, he died shortly after his last birthday, and our country was dumped into mourning. The world should have produced more men like him.

To those who do not know the term: "Tata" is not a greeting... it is a kind of pet name salutation meaning "Grandfather". Kind of similar to the term "Gramps". Madiba was like a Grandfather to the Nation of South Africa.

Please enjoy:

An Ode to Madiba


"It remains impossible -

until it is done..."

Wise words from a King...


Tata Madiba -

Beloved Father of our country -


I would like to request from you

Something (not so) Impossible...


Do you think that maybe

you could stay with us

Until your next birthday,

Just so that we can honor you

On your birthday one more time?


Your smile will remain

Within my heart Forever...


Tata Madiba...

We love you...


© 2013 Antoinette Keyser

The End

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