(This poem of mine, written last year, was chosen by the Poetry Institute of Canada to be published in their book, entitled The Treasure Ship, a book of poems from young authors across Canada. It will be published at the end of May, 2010. It was inspired by the book The Secret Garden, as we had to write a poem about it.)

'Ere dawn sweeps

O'er the hills

A whisper of wind

Sweeps aside

Long-abandoned ivy

Along a forgotten walk

A verdant veil

Muffles all sounds

And an iridescent glow

Shines upon the world

A lone ray of light

Arrives from the horizon

At Mother Earth's behest

To awaken the morning

Of spring

A gentle breeze

Smells of lush,

Fresh rain

And now, all sunlight

Illuminates the earth

Lilies open

The world stirs

The robins sing

For the sunrise has awakened the earth

The End

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