Watch a Day Go By

Early morning, so chilly!

I stand on the porch and huddle,

Watching the day start.

Mist rises in the distance,

Everything is quiet,

The frost makes the feilds silver.

The sun starts to rise, red, gold, white.

The birds awake and being to sing.

I smile and listen to their songs.

The sun gets higher in the sky.

The mist all disapears.

The sky goes from pink to white to blue.

Slowly, the world warms.

The sun gets higher,

and I'm stilling watching the day go by.

The birds fly by and don't stop singing.

Clouds float past.

Grass sways and leaves rush.

The world is warm and alive.

The sun falls.

The light disapears.

Everything slows.

The birds sing the last verses of their songs.

The sky turns red and orange and gold,

then pink and purple and dark blue.

The clouds tucking the sun in glow bright pink.

The day is leaving us now.

The birds give me their last few notes,

Then turn in.

In the dark,

nothing moves.

A fox here, an owl there.

But nothing else.

The sky is black and sparkles with stars.

The moon is out, giving enough light

To see the leaves rustle in the soft breeze.

The day is done.

The End

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