A Collection of (Mostly) Nature Poems

These are poems about nature. They are very peaceful and calm. Actually, some of them aren't. It doesn't really matter any more.

Paddle dip

On the calm, dark lake

Silent, tranquil

The flat reflective void

Of the skies above

One canoe

Slicing through the water

Ripples spread

Somewhere, softly

A throaty call

The first breath of wind

Stirs the still air

The first rays of light

Peeps through

The sun-drenched clouds

On the eastern horizon

As dawn fast approaches

The canoe

Finally starts to an island

A cheery house

Rests upon a hill

Grey smoke

Rising from the chimney

Welcomes the canoe

The last clouds give way

To the rising sun

Flooding the world

With light

The End

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