The Idea of Nothingness

The dark covers the world;


The moon winks at the boy sitting beside the girl
who is transfixed by the stars that have everything
but nothing at all,
Their light beams down upon her heart-shaped face,
her understanding eyes,
her slightly open-mouthed grin
as she drinks their wisdom in,

And the boy.
The boy is watching the girl and his hand reaches out to hers,
Fingers fumbling,grasping,wanting to touch the smooth flesh of her palms
But she doesn’t notice,
Doesn’t notice how he is giving her his all,
doesn’t see how he’s floating right on the edge waiting for her to reach out,
to grap, save him from falling onto the brink...

But like the dark,the unforgiving stars,
She gives him nothing at all.

The End

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