The idea of fasting

The only thing i have is the pain inside my chest to remind me of the reason that i did this in the first place.

The only thing i've eaten in the past week is a bag of chips, and for that mistake, i am lengthening the time frame to near starvation.

The only thought that passes through my mind is what has been done for me.

The only doubt that hits me is the realization that i can do nothing to atone for my sins.

So i spend the night awake, and the day is wearing thin, and i sit upon the threshold of my sorrow, and my sin, and my doubt, and my unbelief.

So i fast.

If there is but one thing which i can do, let it be done.

If there is nothing i can do, let me try to change that.

If it is fate which sends me to hell, than let fate be shattered.

The End

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