The idea of an idea

Each page of this poem is to be an exploration of an idea. This idea could be anything. At the end of each poem, the writer asks the reader to choose between two new ideas. These should be related to the one that the author wrote about. The succeding writer than explores one of those ideas and repeats the process. Anyone can join in.

I see this only as a way to work this
what causes all of what I do
and causes all of what I see to be
if I ever see what they should see
or see what is the same to you
I'll see what greater things I miss

There once was this great thing I read
bundled up inside my thought
all about a thought so grey
and I saw everything and said today
gave up all for which I fought
and saw greater things instead

This all because there was this one
a greater thing I hadn't seen before
shone a light on all ideas too bright
seeing all in this new light
they grew so far and wide and more
until they said that they were done

Writing or Reading?

The End

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