The Last JumpMature

Falling off

Into the unknown,

Falling in

The world is a jumble.

The mind going mad with rot

The winds are howling their goodbyes

The day moon singing her endless pain

The blood drips and cascades

Down an endless abyss

Darkness, oh the terrible darkness

The cloying smell of desperation

Spinning, spinning out of control

Where am I? Where’s everybody?

A dip and then a swirl

The blood red horizon burns into my eyes

Blinding me

Setting my soul on fire

A breeze and then the rain

The rain that impales

The rain that gouges out my innards

The world is spinning ever too slowly

I must fall

Where should I fall?

So many possibilities

So little time

I am burning

Burning fiercely

The wind is brushing my face

Whispering words of resentment



Why am I doing this?

What have I done?

The words were whirling

I don’t know

I don’t know

Stop it

Get away from me


Claustrophobia creeping in like shadows

Memories flashing

A thud, then a break

Everything spilling out

Cascading down


A crack on the pavement

A stain on the road

Another name in the morgue.



The End

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