I should probably sleep

But I can't

The nights numb my pain

And the days renew it,

It's a burning fervor

It ignites my very bones into anguish

My head's throbbing and everything

Is a little fuzzy

I don't know how to show emotion

Maybe because I am tired of giving it

To everybody

Tired of hurting

I am hurting

But it's not showing

It's a slow agony

And I can' talk about it

Not to you

Not to anyone

Not even to myself

But the demon

The demon


It's eating away my soul

I'm nothing but a shell

He tried to give me his name

I refused it

Why did I refuse?

The ringing grows louder

Every day

It ascends into a higher pitch,

A higher pain

I tried to run away


What's the use?

It would catch up and fill me with its yellow ringing

A bright yellow ringing

With jagged spikes,

Crawling into my skin

It cripples me

I called for help

But no one came

What a surprise that was,

What a surprise.

The End

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