In the Midnight Hour

In the midnight hour I go to the land of dreams
Where anything is possible and nothings as it seems
I could be a princess high up in a tower.
Yes anything can happen, in the midnight hour.

I could go to the Moon, spend the night on Mars
Or lay on a beach with the one I love gazing at the stars
I could fight in battles which have long since been fought
I could sneak into the white house without ever being caught

I escape to a world where nothing can harm me;
No nasty people and their poison words to alarm me.
I run to my own magical world, my own little space,
Where nothing is out of turn and everything's in its place.

Things are how I want them, how I think they should be
Then I run far from the world and far away from me.
In this place I have control; over me there is no power
Absolutely anything can happen in the midnight hour ...

The End

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