A House a Home a Memory

Grandma's house so big and grand,

Grandma's house so warm and nice

The place I liked to be the most

Was at Grandma's house


At Grandma's house I did stay

With the Chicken Pox

The measles plain and German ones

The tonsilitis, colds and flu too


At Grandma's house so big and grand

We had a garden so big and large

A place with tree's and ponds and

Lots of other wonderous things


At Grandma's house so warm and nice

We had tea at ten and again at three

With scones, with jam, at ten

And fresh baked cakes, all iced at three


At Grandma's house so big and grand,

Was the place I liked to most to stay

We'd play cowboys and indians

Or hide and seek in the Garden so big


At Grandma's house so warm and nice

In summer, the fruit we'd pick and eat

Till our tummies acked, what made it to the kitchen

Grandma turned into jams and preserves

To see us through the winter months


When mum and dad could take no more

It was to Grandma's house we went

To live forever and a day,

Not knowing or understanding what all the fuss was about

Just knowing we'd be at Grandma's house


Today the Grandma's house is there no more

Progress came and flattened it well and true

In it's place are the on and off ramps to

A modern free way - which today is way too small

For the traffic on it


Grandma to and Grandpa have gone

To sleep the long sleep

Yet I will never forget the

happy times and the love

I found at Grandma's house

So big and grand, so warm and nice.





The End

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