~She Moved~

Don't think I was a child long.. Many things happened in my young life to prevent the true meaning of being a kid to sink in.. My parents divorce, and other oddities that surrounded me.

Moving from my mom, to my grandmother, to my aunt, to my mom, to my aunt, to my dad.. Yes it's confusing. 

My dad had big plans for me, college, dr. nurse, teacher, president, astronaut.. big plans, none of which seemed to fit..

And then at 16, I had my own plans, sort of, I ran away from home.  Now, I can give you all of my reasons but, really they aren't important.  What does matter here, I ran away with my boyfriend and I guess about two months later.. I was tired, sick, homeless.. oh yes... pregnant.

It was a funny thing to me, something that made no sense, pregnant, I rolled that word around again and again. 

The first three months, I was SICK!..  I couldn't keep my eyes open.  I spent most of my days puking, sleeping and hating every minute of it.  Then something happened...  She Moved..

Inside of me, she moved, inside of me there was a little life that I was protecting.  I placed my hand on my belly, she nudged it, I smiled and allowed the tears to flow free, and then I knew, I knew what I was going to be... I knew that above all else one thing was for sure.. I was going to be a Mother..

She moved and changed my whole world, with her I grew up, still a child myself, I learned to make decisions, sometimes not necessarily the right ones but, when she moved, I shook off the first 17 years of my life and grew into the next 21.  She moved me out of childhood into Motherhood.

When she moved, nothing my dad or anyone else had planned for me mattered, when she moved it was all about her..

Muriel Demetri 11/10/71

The End

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