Giving Way

Your slender fingers dance across the ivory

Before pushing me from my baby-seat.

Wake up, hurry up, grow up

You insist, ordering me from an early age.

You warn me that there are arguments here

Though the shouting is your personal accompaniment.

I dare not disturb it

Sitting in my room, entranced

By the muffled bellows of the floorboards

That give way beneath me.

My mannikins are frozen in the change of the wind

My camera empty, its batteries dead.

Even my pencil

Gives way beneath me.

You ask me to sing, and I dance for you.

I cannot remember you mocking me then,

Though I lacked balance and my timing was off.

We had to start again

And again we did, audience after audience.

Yet something broke.

Between your harsh words and my bruised body,

Everything broke.

And now, little Mozart,

You play on as though to tempt me

To lure me with memories half-forgotten

Back into your realm where my power is gone.

It never left.

When your keys are silent, I sing once more

Under quiet roof and unfinished melody.

You will never hear it

Save for drunken recollections

Hidden far beneath your ambition.

Brother, I gave way beneath you

And happily fell to the floor.

The End

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