First Love, First Kiss, First Hearbreak...

Yes it was behind the bike shed,

No it wasn't  with tongues,

Yes we did both hate it and secretly retch, well at least I did, I remember it as if it were only yesterday...

We were just five years old, and he was my first boyfriend, we would sit next to each other in the classroom and sit next to each other at lunch. The other boys wouldn't let him play football because he liked me, but he didn't mind.

On the day, it was very warm, near the end of the school year. we had gone to the bike shed because he was going home, but I couldn't ride a bike yet.

There was no-one else there, and my boyfriend was the person I adored the most, he was romantic at five. As he hopped onto his bike, he leaned down to me and kissed me full on the lips, it seemed to last for the whole day, the sensation of his soft lips stayed on mine until my next kiss the next day, by then I was smitten.

It was only two days after our first kiss, my first kiss, that he didn't speak to me.

And he didn't speak to me the next day either.

Or the next day.

It was the day after this that He passed me a note during english from a ripped page of his book, it scrawled writing it said - "I don't like you".

I had freigned illness after that and got sent home by the teacher. when I was home and alone in my room, I cried for what seemed like hours, when asked why by my mother, I said my stomach hurt... and in a way it did, I hated him so much now that my mental angst caused me to be violently ill. I was happy not to see him because I was home ill, it was a relief.

That is the story of my first love, first kiss, and first heartbreak, fully truthful but written by me now, not my five-year old self... although the feelings haven't been altered at all, as I said, I can remember it like yesterday.

The End

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