I Puke on My 1st Day of School

I remember my first day day of school. I had a feeling of anxiety building up inside me. It overwhelmed me. I didn't cry, instead I stared at the high wooden ceilings and glimmering flourescent lights. The fresh scent of Lysol was in the air. Children were scattered here and there and my mother's warm hand softly gripped mine. My mom waved good-bye leaving me alone in a world new to me. I stared with my big brown eyes, still fascinated by the school.

I slowly walked to the table, my hands twisting and intertwining. I bit my dry lips, suddenly feeling light-headed. I blinked constantly, my stomach becoming weaker and weaker. If I think of it now, I was really about to cry. When I puked, just a little, I started to panic. I cried quietly, sniffling with clear tears streaking down my cheeks.

Then a nice teacher came and cleaned me up. I went to my classroom after that and I was much more relaxed. I drew and met a friend. I let school around 11:15, since I was only four.

Yeah, I still recall that day because it is glued to my memory. I think it's cute.  

The End

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