"Fun Nights"

When we were kids we used to have what we called 'fun nights'. All of us siblings would meet up downstairs in the basement after bedtime, usually in my oldest brothers room, it was usually him that thought these things up. We usually managed to sneak some sort of snack from the kitchen - nothing great - just raisins or marshmallows, if we were lucky there was something better, like left over dessert. Fun nights were mostly about moving the furniture around, jumping on and sliding down mattresses while screaming and bickering.

When it got too loud Dad would come down to end our fun.

Lights still on, food strewn across the room, beds pulled apart – every last one of us would drop exactly where we were and pretend to start snoring.

I have always wondered how long they let us play before they came down, enough time to have a couple beer, or what? How hard was it to not laugh at us - and to look stern, so we would hightail it to bed?

The End

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