Mother Morning

A sunny morning lights up the red curtains hung with pins,

Through the cool window where the outside world lives,


I lie awake and listen to the sounds of preparation,

The laughter of my family, the busyness of the kitchen,


The pillow under my head, I gaze at the very blue ceiling,

At ease I listen to their voices, I can see every sibling,


Their laughter lifts and moves to the opening doorway,

Off to school they go, gone to join the morning,


When all is quiet, and my mother silently cleaning,

I climb from my bed, and let in the sunshine


Blinking in bliss, I watch the thick carpet catch the light,

Across the toys it goes, beautifully taking flight!


And once I have joined the light of day,

I climb the stairs, hoping to hear my mother say,


"Good morning, sleepy-head, rise and shine,"

And then I will know that she will always be mine,


Instead, this day, I stop upon the stairs to listen,

Then I smile brightly for I can hear my mother singing!


Knowing she'll hug me if I catch her unaware,

I climb the stairs fast and creep up with care,


She's washing the dishes and still she's in song!

She doesn't know I'm awake, and the rest are all gone,


And then I catch her, she turns and laughs,

Calling me silly she asks, "out of bed at last?"


We have breakfast, and she makes some tea,

We sit and enjoy and simply be,


She sets up her easel and begins to paint,

I color with my crayons and together we create,


Such a beautiful moment, content as can be,

We will live here always, my mother and me.

The End

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