I Slept Among the Lilacs

The Lilacs were as trees,

Left lone to grow down near the marsh,

Where the meadowlarks swayed upon the cat-tail reeds,

And where the Canada Geese passed over, honking farewell.


The Lilacs were clouds of soft purple suspended,

At the tips of a wandering weave of branches,

Creating shelter for a little boy run-off from home.


The Lilacs were as mother's arms,

A quilt of comfort in a deepening night,

Making a very big universe so filled with vast stars but a cozy tent.


The Lilacs were whispers, night breeze whispers,

That made almost friendly the haunting calls of the bob-o-links

Settled for the night in the farmer's fields.


The Lilacs were dream makers,

Filling a little boy's dreams with the playtime of angels,

Keeping watch, a divine watch, through a soul's first night alone.


The End

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