A Collaborative Memoir

Take a stroll into the beautiful and youthful past with this collaborative collection of memories. Share your stories of childhood, the smells and the textures, the excitement and the adventure. Lose yourself in poetry, narration, dialog, or any style of expressive writing that you chose.

Do you remember?

Do you recall?

Back then when you could barely crawl.

What did you feel?

What did you see?

Back then when your dreams were free.

Let your worries go.

Close your eyes.

Remember the time of the lullabies.

Time will pass.

The sun will set.

But tell me: what was it like when you took your first step?

Ponder well,

This life you're making.

Can you remember the smell of your grandmother's baking?

Think softly.

What was it like?

When you first learned to ride a bike.

Curl up by the fire.

Snuggle up close.

Do you remember the warmth of your childhood house?

The feelings may return.

You may remember what you miss.

But tell me: do you remember your first kiss?

Express it in writing.

Tell me all.

I would love to hear the stories of when you were small.

But as this story goes.

Time also flows.

The chapters will progress as the memories grow.

To life it shall come.

Forward in time.

This piece of writing shall be yours and mine.

Write how you please.

In poetry in rhyme.

Description, prose, or narration would be fine.

Remember the beauty.

Bring it back from long ago.

Those distant moments shall once more glow.

It will begin,

After this simple rhyme.

Let us go back to the earliest time...

The End

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