A change in the weather

my thoughts of a past bad relationship

Oh how your true colours shine through

From light, to dark

You change like the weather


I never know when lightening will strike

Your evil sneers and tuts I fear

Wondering what I have done wrong


When it’s light, it’s like the brightest day

But when darkness comes, I lower my head

And feel the tears I try hard to hide


I walk on eggshells to keep it bright

Please don’t go dark, not yet, not now

But it’s too late, and so the rain falls hard


I hope that one day the sun will stay out

And there will be no hurt, no tears, and no darkness

But deep down I know this won’t happen , I feel myself weaken


I was strong before so why is it changing?

Why do I allow your power to over rule?

I don’t feel myself anymore, I feel…..sick


Eventually I pick myself up, hold my head high

My days will be bright, as they were before

I refuse to drown in this sea of tears

The End

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