The girl on the other side

I look in the mirror and someone in it.

Someone akin, someone different inside.

So many changes she has gone through

I see her dark kohl filled eyes

Silent tears running down her cheeks,

Blood boozing out the cuts and slits on her wrists.

Lost and lonely sitting in the dark,

She raises herself to the mirror n looks back,

Misinterpretation of brain or Illusion of mind.

She draws close to me and utters these lines;

“What have you done to me, m heading to an end,

And there is no light that I find!”

Your heart has loved and my eyes cried..

I found no way out how much I tried! ”

I wonder why there is this pain in her eyes..

Is he the reason, or is it my crime?

A worry of the future and a shadow of the past,

How long will this eternal evil last?

The End

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