A Brief History of the United States

Poem. April. you know the drill. I have never been much on astrological signs... to me it is far more telling what President you were born under.

A Brief History of the United States

Born under the sign of Eisenhower

I am, by nature, predisposed

to reject the things I've built

and to warn of their destructive nature.


At four, I lay on the

living room floor

watching cartoons

at lunchtime.

Suddenly the cartoons

were gone

and there were pictures

of people running around

swarming a convertible.

About an hour later

my father came home

it was obvious he had been crying.


Then came a man

with an ego so large

that he named his wife

and his children

and his dog

after himself.

I can understand the kids,

and maybe even the wife,

but why the dog?


Then came the time

of Great Darkness.

A madness took over the land

and bullets replaced votes

and hippies replaced the media

and the police replaced the Gestapo

and out of this Great Darkness

rose the one

who changed it all.

First he destroyed Hubert

(for whom, in my youth

I wrote a poem,

that went:


I can't even spell it

but I'm sure I could smell it

if I got too close")

(which proves

that nothing improves

with age).

Then I entered the battle

I worked for a man,

an honest man,

a man who'd watched Dresden glow

and had realized

how important it was

to never make anything

glow like that again.

I was young

and naive

and believed

that the impossible

was possible.

In my fervor

I covered

the car

of the man

who ran

the local bank

with McGovern/Eagleton

bumper stickers.

The next morning

there was no sign

on his car

that those stickers

had ever existed.

And just like those stickers

disappeared with ease

so did Nixon

destroy the man

in whom I believed


Oh what JOY!!!

What resounding JOY!!!

How the Bells of Heaven did chime

When Nixon boarded

that helicopter

and paid for his crime.


Agnew had fallen before him

and so it was left to a man named Gerald Ford

to pardon Nixon

and for the second time in my life

I learned the lesson,

the lesson that had taken the cartoons away,

that there is little justice

and even less truth.


A last gasp

a last laugh

a Peanut Farmer

turned Governor

turned President

turned laughing stock

turned cuckold to Iran.


Then came the time

of even Greater Darkness

when the man

who paid

for the hostages to stay

ascended the throne

and destroyed all we know.

From him

dark miracles flowed

He turned ketchup

into vegetables

and disease

into god's will.

And planted the seeds

of debt and death.

His letters totaled 666.

I drank

for eight years.

I only stopped

to work.

And sometimes

not even then.


Then came the scion

the harbinger of worse things to come.

His loins

perpetuating a bloodline

that had helped

Adolph for profit.


And then came the Governor

the Governor of Sins

He committed them all

some losses, some wins.

He too worked for McGovern

which gave me some sense of Hope.

But I learned that Hope

was just a place

you leave.


Then came the time

of the Greatest Darkness yet

It cheated and bullied

it ran up a debt

of blood and of dollars

of fear and of sweat

it read to the children

it ignored threats of death

it gave to the rich

almost everything left

it dug us a hole

that we may never crest

all the time smiling

saying 'I know what's best'.

Then it cheated again

and stayed as our guest

and walked on the water

and said he was blessed.

And more people died

at this Darkness' behest.

How proudly he shined

his family's crest

'til destroying this country

was fully addressed.



How the Bells of Heaven did chime

The hole we were in

was given a sign

a chance at redemption

a chance for more time

and yet what we found

as we went down the line

was that darkness so great

is hard to unwind

and we returned to the center

how dimly we shined


And now we are splintered

and broken inside

to cure we must kill.

So often we've tried.

Justifiably hated

by all those outside,

and all truth is silenced

or completely decried.

Eisenhower warned us

but because of our pride

we became what we hated

and our inside

has died.

The End

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