A Bone for Master's petMature

Hear the whip crack in the early morning,

the dog arises quickly to please its Master,

preparing for His day; faster, faster!


The bitch is no more loved nor more equal    

than the swine

who her Master cares for time after time


she feels His love only when He pleases,

He teases. He teases her

when she craves His love the most.


The day begins,

breakfast of rubbish, scraps from the table,

scraps from her Master

as she eats off the floor.

He then goes to work

and she sits.

She sits by the door, waiting.

Waiting for His return.


Unlawful thoughts.

Terrible thoughts cross her mind.

“Why do i stay?”

“What love do i get?

He goes away,

Every. Single. Day.”

Then He returns and her heart fills with joy.

“Master please play, i’ve missed you so much!”

“I know you have dog, and I promise you fun.”

He smirked in the light of the then setting sun.


He walked into the house,

She followed behind.

Then into His room and onto His bed,

He stood at the foot and helped her

to shed.

she sat there before Him;

so perfect, so trimmed. A prize winning


Not that He’d ever tell,

For keeping her down,

was part of His spell.

her eyes filled with hunger as she waited

for Him.

He gathered her collar, her leash, and her


He walked her up to the top of the hill.

They lay down together, He petted her coat

she gave Him affection,

when He demanded.

she'd pleased Him well, and she lay down by

His side

she heard His heart.

she felt His heart.

she felt it beat

for her.

she later awoke, tied to a tree;

He’d left her there, so she could just


she whimpered and whined,

“Master, come back!”

He tied her there, captive.

Left her there,

for a week.

He still brought her rubbish, but

it was something to eat.

“Master, please let me go.

i’m not having fun!”

“Too bad bitch!

I am, and I’m number one!”


At the end of the week, He brought her back home.

Got her bathed, got her shaved, got her


Just how He wanted.

she lay in the bed, under the covers

feeling warm, feeling loved,

sensing His


He got undressed. And laid next to her form

not chained to a tree,

or a bed,

or the door.

He draped her in embrace, with just one of his arms.

“How are you My pet, My beautiful girl?

My prize winning show dog that I’ll show

to the world.”

He got no reply.

she just nudged Him 

with her nose.

Making more room for her body,

in His cradle.

she placed her hand, on His chest,

spread her fingers wide.

Stroked her hand on His chest

and curled into His side.


“I love your love.”

The End

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