Psychedelic Stuff

My poem here hovers inside out and around my blank mind on a casual day I sat down to write something, anything.

A Blank Mind

A blank paper,
An empty mind,
Some crazy friends,
A glass of wine,
Bread for breakfast,
A love for life,
An emo attire,
Dream of Swiss knife,
A pissed off pauper,
A game plan,
Pray for curses,
Rise and shine,
hungry again?,
Time to dine,
I waited for u,
But now its time,
Mirror like eyes,
The clock hit nine,
A message alert,
Yea stop tryin' ,
A favorite pillow,
A committed crime,
A sparkling night,
An angel's hymn,
A bumblebee,
An optimus prime,
I stop here for further,
My poem refuses to rhyme.

- CastawaY.

The End

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