The blade of grass it stands,
Higher than the world beneath,
The fly as it swerves,
To evade the blade then land.

The sea, the water, the beach,
The tiny grain of sand,
One of more than a billion,
Yet without,
Would the beach be grand.

The leaves of trees so many,
Every year they grow anew,
But without one leaf would there be any,
The spider makes a home aside the dew.

The sun, the moon, the stars,
Some seem small yet all are big,
All so close yet so far,
Stars who knows how many.

The rose so elegant and pretty,
But to every good there is a bad,
The ladybird here fittingly lives,
The greenfly doesn’t so think he feels quite sad.

A queen, a colony, a slave,
African history, no an ant,
The caves and tunnels entwined,
The gardener sees so starts to rant!.

The small tiny miniature
World so complicated entangled
Yet so awe inspiring and beautiful.

The End

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