A beautiful spring day, or the worlds very last?

Is this beautiful spring day a joyful moment, or a sign of terror? Is this a sign of polluting earth.

The Groundhog Gave us a Pleasant Surprise

Tears of Joy fall from my eyes

A pile of snow that I despise

Melting away as the flowers rise

6 more weeks of winter? I think not!

Spring is on its way, or so I thought

The truth is nothing to jump about

Because the survival of the earth is something I doubt

As I run outside, I realize

The temperature is going to rise

The polar bears will not survive

The cans on the ground are just a sign

The ice will melt, the bears will die!

As I run to play, I look behind 

The park I am in, and I change my mind

I see gas burning as cars drive by

I see cans being thrown, I fear the end of the world

I pick up these cans as soon as possible

And put them into the recycling bin...

I embrace the heat, that is very high

I look up at the beautiful sunshine

And I imagine how hot the summer solstice will be...

If the earth can survive until then

The End

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