A Beating Heart

A Beating Heart

That's all we want

To know that you are a human being like ourselves

The ones who lead have hearts of stone

Like petrified wood or a craggy rock, rigid and sharp.. Unloving

They provide neither warmth nor comfort

Rather a stalwart but hard office

Unfit for a leader...

A stone heart has a large mouth

A mouth to bring air upon their heardening hearts

The more air, the dryer the heart. The dryer the heart, the more air.. The dryer its promises...

Receiving their cold relief through a mass consumption of air, which reverberated through the ages as soundless words

A stone heart has a mouth to soothe with lies:

Cajoling with false promises

Who cares not about the beating heart of their brother, an essence of life, rather, brothers are statistics, numbers: the poorest, the wealthiest, the average.

Your lies are like salt water when thirst for satisfaction: Empty and harmful

A stone heart has a mouth to go about greedily:

Enveloping our green tribute

They are those who lie in wait for the fruits of my father, who works and receives inadequate fruits for his labor

My mother, bless her, is robbed of her reason, her children, her home.. 

For a stone heart, it is never enough! Produce for us food! Not the inverse! Give us restitution! Not the opposite!

Being of God, men, are you not of a beating heart?!

A beating heart is all we ask..

Not a stone heart wrapped in flesh..

Let us feel consolidation of fulfilled promises driven by a heart of warmth and blood

A heart of the softness that resembles my mother

A heart of fortitude that resembles my father

A heart filled with warm blood that resembles me and my brothers 

A beating heart is all we ask...

A beating heart

The End

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