A Battle

I made this poem for a class of mine but failed to make it sound like true poetry. Wanted to post here and see what others think and how i could improve my methods.

Basically the idea of the poem is a battle. How the world is to a soldier right before a battle starts.

Beyond the mountains and over the hills

To the fight in the desert where progress stands still

The sun at it's peak

Merciless, bright and ablaze

The land bakes in it's own heat

Yet for the men, this is only a phase

Each side lies in wait

For the others to commit a mistake

They wait and listen

Blind and unaware

their arms loaded and a-glisten

Times grinds to a halt while the men stand ground

They look around

No sound

Glass windows break and it’s all about to blow

Pay attention, this ain't no show

Then screams of the machines blast from every side

Duck, cover, find a place to hide

Move a bit too slow

and you give a chance to your foe

Every eye planted behind a gun's iron sights

Watching all things that move in the blinding light

This is a chance to set things straight

To redeem your past sins and a chance to change your fate

There is no surrender

Only forever lasting peace

Unless they all fall

the fighting will never cease.

What more will it take

For the World to realize it's mistake

When we’ve lost our will

to take another's life, to kill

Yet the commands from high rain down upon these men

Who die for their salvation

And hope the world could end

The End

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