Santa is a line Dancer

I went to the club late on Christmas Eve,
There was a party like you wouldn't believe;
The beer was flowin', the place was loud,
A man could get lost just workin' the crowd;

I was on my second round and what did I see?
An old man with a beard was smiling at me;
He wore a red coat and he drove a sleigh;
Man, could that stranger slip and sway!

Santa is a line dancer, burnin' up the floor,
He's ringin' those bells, and he's ready to roar;
Santa is a line dancer, and he's got the beat,
Better make way for those magic feet.

I thought I was crazy, couldn't believe my eyes,
It's the Miller talkin', then I realized
Santa himself was out on the town,
Kickin' up his heels before he made his rounds;

He was a hit with the women under the mistletoe,
They sat on his lap, now wouldn't you know;
He took down their number, wouldn't you bet;
This was a Christmas they'd never forget.

I watched him take off in his turbo sleigh,
It had bucket seats and a microwave;
His side-kick was an elf in a mini skirt,
She wore a pointed hat and a sequined shirt;

I heard him shout as he hit the sky,
"Merry Christmas, y'all,I've got to fly!
Next Christmas Eve, I'll be ready for more,
Babe, I'll meet you out on the floor!"

The End

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