Royal Blood (not a romance poem)

It was a lovely affair, a marvelous affair
we lords and our ladies were meant to be there
amidst all the royalty, riches and lore
a night to remember...I shall evermore

not for the pageantry...jesters...or rhyme
not for the feast...nor the music and wine
not for the castle and all of its frills, no
I shall remember......that someone was killed

It was a lovely affair, a marvelous affair
my lady Lucinda was pleased to be there
and topping the evening a priv-i-leged few
were summoned inside the king's secret room

just for the gentlemen that he had in mind
just like a fool...I was giddy, but blind, for
just in a moment my life would be changed
for I was to a king's bloody game

It was a lovely affair, a marvelous affair
my daughter Cassandra was thrilled to be there
but now I was seated with five other lords
each given a goblet, each given a sword

drink! said the king with his bellowing roar
drink to this game you'll remember I'm sure"
drink to this peasant my guard's dragging in, and
we toasted a decrepit and thin

It was a lovely affair, a marvelous affair
my son Alexander was proud to be there
and now said the king it is time that we play
as he refilled our goblets with red cabernet

"you have it easy my lords he began
you have your station and acres of land, but
you never once had to ever decide
if someone shall live...or someone shall die..."

It had been a lovely affair, a marvelous affair
my sister Melinda was charmed to be there
but now I was trembling in cold blooded fear
for the king had just slashed off this poor fellow's ear

"look at this blood that I have on my hands
look at the pain I've bestowed on this man
look how he shrivels and hear you his screams
as I'm forced to do every night in my dreams!"

What was, a lovely affair, a marvelous affair
was now...but a privileged curse to be there
for the king put his dagger all slathered in blood
on the table before us and now it was spun

"each gets a turn with his sword on this man
each has to share all the blood on my hands, and
each of you will...or your title is lost
that my dear the game and the cost!"

I'm sure
it was lovely out there...a marvelous affair
where lords and their ladies danced without cares
but now the king's dagger was pointing at me
and the king said your turn...and was chuckling in glee

no....I won't do it I screamed to his face're insane you're an utter disgrace
no....we won't play in your murderous game

and the king said, let's see, if your friends feel the same

it was a deadly affair, a horrible affair
for now I was tied by the guards to my chair
soon the kings dagger was spinning again
time after time I was slashed by my friends

not one iota of sadness or grief
not hesitation, but more like relief
not one, had mercy...just I bled
and the last words I heard....

"Off with his head!"

The End

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