A Bad Romantic Poem.

This is a poem about two people who are married and their relationship is going down the drain. This is a poem addresing how bad their relationship is

To my Dearest love, I wrote this poem for you to summarise how well we are doing in life.

Roses are red Violets are blue
I can't wait to run over you.

You are beautiful and so are your eyes
Did you know I was good at telling lies.

I want to feel your sweet embrace
Please don't take that bag off your face

Beautiful, sweet, charming and hot
This describes everything you are not

No words can describe what I can tell
Except maybe for "GO TO HELL!!!"

The roses are wilting, the violets are dead
The sugar bowl is empty and so is your head.

My love you take my breath away
Why is it you smell this way?

You work one way to my desperate heart
Now really it is "Till death do us part"

Oh loving beauty, you are bursting with grace
Now get lost, I don't want to see your face.

I have loved you since the day you became my bride
But unfortunately since then, I have lost all of my pride.

Finally I send a kiss to your beloved life
I am very sorry that you are my wife.

I hope you like it my love, Write back soon, cann't wait to be home
Lots of love from your beloved husband.

The End

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