A Place Called Heaven

Dark and deprived of this place we call life

The world around us is ruining our sights

We need to look up and beyond what we see

To find what is in our hearts and hope there might be

A place outside of this world this dimension

A place where we can be whatever will fill our satisfaction 

Without being judged or even confused.

A place where everyone fits in

And where everyone belongs

A place where no harm comes to anyone

Where peace is all that continues along

Where drama has no need

And is a place filled with love and ease.

I want to be in this place

So badly it seems

That I would do anything

Anything to make me feel right

But that's the problem in sight 

Everyone wants this place to be theirs

But not everyone shows that they really do care

If we really seek this place 

We must work together

And make the bad things erase

This sounds easy but it certainly is not

Because we are stuck in this world

We are crammed, we are caught.

We just have to wait

'Til our time comes

For us to deserve what we seek

A place where we will never be weak 

A place where we can go when we are eighty, thirty, or even seven

A place we need, want, and pray to have

A place called Heaven.

The End

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