9 Months, 29 days

Ancient and righteously, I take the place of my beliefs
I've held my Heart together for so long, with fragile equipment
Breaking apart
Today You slipped a letter through lips
You saw me standing there, counting down days
You saw me ripping these pictures into shreds
You watched me.

With this knife in my hand
I'll make amendments to my appearance
Then take the exit out, to admire my insecurity 
Tonight I take the gun out of my mouth
I let the tar covered bullets lie on the floor
Tonight, transfusion begins
Liquid darkness pours out of me

You watched me.

Lift fire into my mind
Holding hands
Nothing remains
Warnings crash around my skull
Accustomed insults add to the feel of a better future
Regard the sunset with a set of participants
Unaware that their simplistic fates form my stepping stones
Trust the thief
Remember the thief
This scar won't let you forget encounters

This is nothing like it was intended to form into.

Will my eyes slowly slide shut, at this transaction from the glass that poured through my veins, to elation and graceful patience, kissing my Heart gently as it circulates takes place, or will my cries cut the night?


The End

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