Let us Try to get up

I get better after every incident,

Then I go down,

It is so bloody persistent.

I keep telling myself I must get up.

I do, but sometimes it gets hard and I require help.

So I get on one knee and ask for help.

The help then pushes me to the ground and I can’t get up.

So I shall try again to rise, but I fall.

I slowly get to one knee,

Sometimes I get to kneeling

And sometimes I have almost stood up.

When it gets tough and I can’t push to get up any further I ask for help.

All the help does is sweep me to the ground.

So for this time I give myself to options;

Stay down and rot


Arise alone and then join my friends and family.

I choose the second,

So give me time to arise to the true person I am meant to be.

Truly whatever knocks you down make sure you get up because whatever knocked you down will make you stronger when you get up.

Keep trying and even if times look like there is a small chance of getting up, push to the top.

Once you are there nothing can take you down,

Try my friends to push through and get up.

The End

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