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A cacophony of similarities
Crashing upon me from my Heart
It never ceases, but tonight is the night I cut that part of myself off.
I've felt the inside of your Heart. I've felt that slam into my chest
Driving myself into a wall.
In principle, discordant, yet a symphony. 
For these principles you put in place are ice cold fingers, grasping my throat, dragging me to the sea bed.
I'll construct a tower, and I'll sleep where the fish forgot.
Bury my eyes where the vultures fall into eternal slumber. 
This is why I came here.
I came to discover what I was made of.

I came to Love your soul.

There is nothing I'd rather do
Than be that moment when our fingers brush
I want to drink you in.

I want your laugh to be my World.


The End

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