8 reasons why i hate colds

i hate colds.

and everything that isn't currently my favorite purple blanket.

as you can probably guess, i'm sick.

i get really stuffy noses.
oh-dear-lord-there-she-goes-sniffling-again bad. 

i get headaches when i get really stuffy noses.
which means my head is pounding
and i'm sniffling like all hell, and it just makes it worse.

i am terrible company.
seriously, it's like dealing with a wet cat,
except with the added horror of being able to talk (aka complain).

i'm so clumsy -
i bump into walls and stairs (among other things)
and tend to fall over chairs and tables (it's possible, trust me).

i turn red.
my face goes this unattractive shade of crimson -
think sunburned-and-overexerted-exam-teenager.

i need at least a week to sleep it off.
it takes me like 5 days to get rid of it
and then 2 days until i'm back to my (semi-)normal self.

i don't have an appetite, and i don't feel the affects of no sleep.
this is really bad because then
i have absolutely no incentive to feed myself and actually go to bed. 

i can't write. 
it's like trying to nail jello to a wall - not happening.
i just find myself trying not to bang my head against a wall. 

The End

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