7 Deadly VirtuesMature

My view on the reality of the impact "sins" have on life.

Envy makes you ugly.
Courage over fear,
Choices made for a higher spiritual cause,
Giving selflessly,
Forever forgiving.
life lessons we live by, teachings of old.
Gluttony in many forms,
too many tips make you fat.

A mirror on your hobby,
The cracks in your face;  like drainage for living
conditions of faith, pride makes you happy.
happiness burns like greed,
gaining gold in girth, shining silver swine.
Reflections all look the same, light comes from the heart.
Help me see the silhouette on your skin,
the cold, dark shadow of sin.

Your breasts luscious on and off the “black mirror”
the only thing I see everyday, everyday I see again.
Slothful lust, lusty sloth, sex sleep sex sleep sex sleep.
Penis and vagina make life and bourn shame.
Our definition is the destructions we indulge in.
Seven is a stupid number, three from ten, four plus three, maths; the game of greed
Envy makes you wonder.

Seventh is non-existent. Nothing begins with it.
Cause and effect, life is only enhanced by the non-existent,
The non-existent diminishes possibility.
“Speak with anger and it shall be the greatest speech you’ll ever regret”
Envy helps you evolve.

The End

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