Poem for April 2

Since April is poetry month, my goal is to write and publish a poem a day.
The rules: Noting I've written previously.
No promises that it will have meter or cadence or rhyme.

7 days

A child, rest like a child

with childish childlike dreams


impossible duration

nervous of

nefarious schemes

Awake!  Awake! A week! A week!

Backwards from seven, it seems

eagerly counting

the hours unmounting

in minutes and seconds

in reams

Such joy at the prospect

of the number increased

adding truth

to the proof

so soon

be released

From the burden of sleep

and the rules of the old


freedom achieved

run barefoot out in

the cold


There was no rest last night

from the strife and the toil


hounded hunted

every day closer

to soil

The End

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