Burning Life

Trying something new..
Each stanza has 6 lines. Each line begins with the same word that the previous line ends with. Every new stanza has a fresh start.
Please have a try

Burning Life

You drive me to my hearts extent
Extent of my land, my house, my soul
Soul of a free bird singing
Singing to the light through darkness
Darkness of sight
Sight of truth, lies, love, and deceit

You drive me to lingering dreams
Dreams yet to be discovered, relived
Relived in your eyes, in your hands
Hands of Gaya's earth and Ra's sun
Sun lit days filling the skies
Skies of joy, sadness, peace, and war

Follow me through the unknown
Unknown maizes running wild
Wild cities of mind jungles
Jungles beckoning your inner child
Child please stop
Stop to embrace, stop this disgrace

Follow me through dessert storms
Storms of passion igniting
Igniting the pureness of your being
Being one with everyone
Everone, brothers, sisters unite
Unite to overcome this burning life

The End

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