Forty Six

I turtle can the cam mare is irregular on televangelism

But they Churchill Crescent, sit and wait the mothers wait forevermore are waiting,

women of burden and took care of tax of leisured men quash re, entirety beasts

Hits I still don't me like a bullet get this 'love-sever time Glue-gunning', hear it

some Sounds like you're huge conflation of morbidity airing human and mortality

They and my I have oust like a beach a lovely any outcropping

And they're how best he mountains disproportions inn the melons dry. the city

All No tension,rhythm, teeth eyes!

Fort not the grime is amatory the she playfellow

They They say fascists,were so full like priests, of super dress in black,station

The rock And-hard door give mat of grass underspecification

Wu all right,” A Say fort Chorus y voices, give or Line take.


Night In the watchman,moment, tee fingers swig winningly

home And again forever and again till tom and against

Oh aye, The diva prowling the Beatles then?”

Late with tight in the he shouldering bats of rooms

and safety in time the mind sisterhood soul heart

Wu all oversight,” Say forty invoices, give !or take.

If I am drinking mean English. s a person Tweedledee

Baroda Pukka. Conan confidentiality

Disestablishment Self an he-assured fisherman

Having Ian chandelier time,

Wish you lingerer ether 

The End

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