Forty Three

What is a moment?

Six sseconds uoin a pojt?

Where is the signficiacne?

Enunciate the acapella QQ I can't nel;eieve that ?

When dodeso on e stop becomeinc tghtat kmmment?


All around me Is haow/ I miss those moments / I jurisa/nd I want to see them. / Moment are but mosments / Kkyrsthiasa Mustojps / Joso / Trust me, there's a point.


Ain't that a c-kick in the plz glyr?

Likee a sink full of soa;p sugsds, your affe

ction vuurendd

I ssaw that writ.sehood on a bus.

A sittlly metasimilie.

Aren't they supposed to be?

The End

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