Thirty Seven

In the suburbs drive

Intolerant but does it say when

Can't feel / Yobbism

I'm having with you / removing rationality / under the overpass


now you say see my way / Office

Pour then the sink / Of

Go down road

Off our shoes and lay / One

That needs to be informing on the

belied Buckingham / be safety proved to you

a river over / Of stupidity

I will be king and you will be queen

If you that with the fact

Guns ail that it's no democracy

Exactly beating my / We bell the houses / built in the 70s

me was plebeian / Strange past days

Following A allows them to / excuse themselves in the head

That we are born sinners / as are our views

We bring about / From knowledge / Your Years

Can much of an insult the is

Can't stand / willing to such demands

I shouldn't say

With force


You cannot not stay

Class Envy, hating rich / educated

we & co.

The End

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