One With Thee - (Bad) Dramatic MonologueMature

You see the mark upon my neck? I fear
The same is upon yours. And I dare not
To move your hair for fear of what lies
Behind closed doors. For once, was I
The man you are, with dishonesty
Markéd my own. And followed this
A shattered man, a heartless soul,
A broken home.

Her eyes were just as blue as she,
Her lips as soft to touch. And I fear that
You've tasted lips which I taste all too 
much. Not unlike me, in my own past - 
Yes I was heartless too. Though I like
To think I was thoughtless and not
As cruel as you.

Why yes, her beauty is unmatched -
I admit she's too good for me. But I
Wish she could be just my own, and
Not one too, with thee.

The End

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