Where Is My Pencil? - BurlesqueMature

-Ab-so-lute-ly pointless.-

I fear I've lost my pencil
I don't know where it's gone
It is rather a short one
Though maybe, rather long
Be it growth spurted or not
It sure is very blue
And it is rather shiny
As it is still quite new

I'm worried that I've lost it
It has not lasted well
I wonder if we'll find it
Well, only time will tell 
And in the meantime where are
My pen and pencil case?!
This is starting to become
Like a wild goose chase

I fear I've lost my pencil,
Pen and pencil case too
And I think that without them
I won't know what to do
So someone can you help me
With finding what I've lost?
'Cause otherwise I don't know
Just how much this will cost. 

The End

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