Lucy Knight - BioMature

Lucy Alison

Who is childish, young, angry, confused, backwards and extremely hyperactive.

Who loves writing, the people she knows on protagonize and her mother.

Who feels alone, lost and fearful.

Who needs her friends, her instruments and high grades.

Who gives as much food and drink as possible to Zoe, advice when able and a comforting shoulder to anyone who wants one.

Who fears losing everybody, causing people pain and failure.

Who would like to see something (anything) in the Royal Albert Hall, all of her friends grow up to become everything they dared to hope they would and a couple of children of her own to grow old and have their own children before her eyes.

Who is a lucky Grammar School student, an erratic fifteen year old and a heart-breaker.

Who is a resident of Milton Keynes, England.


The End

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