Life is Short - BalladeMature

-Finding this one really hard.-

Alone within myself here
Prince of Darkness find me please
I am full with such great fear
Bring me down upon my knees
For I know here I will freeze
In my mind as my own thought
Takes over like a disease
My life has become so short.

Prince of Darkness take me in
Accept me like no other
Bring me to your world of sin
Tell me I'm better than her
Make this life be but a blur
Remove all the pain I've brought
Kill me and don't let me stir
My life has become so short.

Once again I say to thee
Take me from this life I hate
Look into this world and see
No destiny and no fate
See one who will no more wait
For their one soul to contort
As I feel, as of late
My life has become so short

So Prince will you help me leave
Right now I need your support
Take me from my life. Believe
My life has become so short. 

The End

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