50 Cents for a Balloon with a NoteMature

Fine, summer day as the sun smiles at me
Makes my life alive than nothing
Bed messed-up, with my hair like ass
Jump it all off and run down to the world

Get juice with bread
Breakfast like my life's perfect
Finding ways to get out from the troubles
Run out with nothing on my back

Grab my bag with nothing in it
Its style in my generation
Do my boyish sh*t like my everyday's doing
Wait outside as my dad drives me

Music from my sister's records of forever
Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Oasis whats left?
Look out the morning window with droplets of rain from the night
The sky of  my cloud dream

Ready to get out, step on the streets of dirt
Sidewalks of  never-ending spit
Post lights turned off
Near the gate of my day's adventure

Going to school, treat it like a carnival
Of popcorn, roller coasters, and the everyday scenes of people with nothing else to do
Enter the world of butterflies and flying sh*t
Got no cash, but got friends

Mr. Man with balloons right off the end of the end
Floating with a thousand balloons
Reality check, its just you with your friends
"Hi to you" a smile I got

Beauty strikes like Crying Lighting, damn song I heard
Beauty of a Secret Door, with Fools on Parade
Jump to the sky of blue
That before was the sky of gray

I see hate as I saw you hold her hand
Damn the world of limits
I'll just go home again
Dad arrived with my brother, a puppy

Again I look at the sky of blue
But this time its different
Lean back as I have trouble reclining this stupid chair
Sleep through the way, lets just forget this day

Wake up, again
Thinking of how you say "Hi" and how you smiled
Remembering the way you held her hand
Stretch and bathe, for this Saturday is nothing but a regular sh*t

Went online, then thought of something
Type a poem, give it to you
Seal it tight, with ribbons, that's just about right
Printing machine, excites the sh*t out of me

Woke up with excitement, and bathe with water
Naked jump with people around me with dreams and eyes closed
Done with everything, except for my sister's greeting
"I saw your little poem" damn life, you peek through the hole 

The legendary bus of sh*t does nothing to my geek sh*t
Did nothing to me
Slept with people laughing from the window
The hell with them? its not my fault if they don't sleep

The End

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