the fifth time - the wasps funnel around me

the forest does not
appreciate trespassers. 
i follow my two siblings,
we move over dead leaves
and between birches,
until somebody steps wrong
and i follow them, 
like the younger sister i am, 
and they are surrounding me.

my mother grabs the Ice Queen and runs, 
the Make-Up Criminal follows them,
she is the protector, she will follow them.
i am left, painfully young -

in the middle of a dark, dark cloud.
yes, we have had the misfortune to stumble upon
funnel wasps, and they are surrounding me, 
the forest is very, very angry. 
my father reaches into the buzzing mass
and he runs, child in arms, 
the wasps stinging his arms and 
trying to get to me, we run.
and the forest ejects us from her grasp. 

The End

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