the third time - planes should fly

suddenly, there is a loud noise,
and then there is silence from
the left side of the plane.
one of the aircraft's engines has stopped. 
there is confusion. 
a flight attendant looks harried
and just a little bit scared.
the pilot's voice dips into the crowd
and he explains - they're trying
to head back to the airport. 

there is a moment of silence,
before the Ice Queen leans over, 
she checks the belt securing me to the seat,
after having done so for the Make-Up Criminal first. 
and we wait to see if death will take us today.

we land safely, watching passengers
stumble and speed-walk off the aircraft,
the plane that very nearly took us down. 
and after, we sit with the rest of them,
faces pale and some of us shaking. 
but i do not think that i will find my solace
of death while suspended in empty oxygen. 

The End

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